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bacon wrapped shrimp

anybody every grilled shrimp kabobs before? i ate at a chinese resturant today that had bacon wrapped shrimp. as good as it was, i'm thinking bacon wrapped shrimp will be good on kabobs on the grill as well.
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Never had them. However, wrapping ANYTHING in bacon and grilling it has to be tasty!
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never had them either. i made some bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers the other day that turned out pretty good
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Re: bacon wrapped shrimp

Bacon wrapped shrimp are great as long as thin bacon and decent size shrimp are used, otherwise the bacon just overpowers the shrimp. An easy and inexpensive bacon wrapped recipe is to cut turkey breast or chicken breast into thin, between 1/8th and 1/2" strips, lay them lenghtwise on bacon, roll it up, use a toothpick to keep the end piece in place, and grill till done. Glazing them with BBQ sauce right before taking them off the grill is good as well.
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