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Red face Emergency- Help - Smoking a Whole Skinned Hog

Help. I am a seasoned hog smoker, but I have an issue I could use some help with. Every year, sometimes several time a year I cook a whole hog in my smoker cooker. Average live weight is 235 pounds. I cook racing style, 24 to 25 hours, skin on. Meet falls off the bone and people rave about it.

Here comes the issue. A local chef is cooking for a concert, but the company guy who purchased the pig had it skinned and halved lengthways. The chef was pissed when he found out. I am help because I have the only cooker in the area big enough to cook a 240 lb live weight pig.

Neither of us has ever cooked a skinned pig. He is going to wrap it in banana leaves and burlap. He is worried about it drying out. I can add water to the bottom of the smoker to ensure humidity, but I am not sure if I will still need to cook it 24 to 25 hours as I do with a pig that has the skin on and all the fat to render.

The cooker is indirect heat. 500 gallon propane tank made into a cooker. Fire box off to the side.

Any help or suggestion appreciated as I will be cooking this pig/hog Friday come hell or high water.
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