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Serbian Stuffed Pork Loin

Making stuffed pork loin on the grill is always problematical. Although I love the pinwheel effect at service, thereís always the question of how long to cook it? Both the loin, itself, and the filling used, can affect grilling time.

Steven Raichlen came to the rescue. In Planet Barbecue! he has a recipe for something called Punjena Vesalica (Serbian Stuffed Pork Loin). With this approach, the butterflied loin is folded over the stuffing, rather than rolled. This provides the same mix of flavors, in a simpler, faster-cooking package.

For starters, butterfly a loin lengthwise. Use a meat mallet to pound it slightly, to even the thickness. The meat, at this point, should be about a half-inch thick. Next, layer the flavors: On the lower half spread a thin coating of good mustard (I use home-made, but any mustard will do). Lay out a layer of fresh sage leaves, then a layer of precooked bacon, then a layer of smoky ham. Top with an appropriate cheese---I use provolone to maintain the smokiness. Fold the top half of the loin over the filling.

In theory, you donít have to tie this. The reality is, however, that tying makes it much less awkward to handle on the grill, so I always do. Season the outside of the loin with salt and pepper.

Add a few chunks of wood to a prepared bed of charcoal, to generate some smoke, and, using direct heat, cook the loin eight minutes per side. Let it rest a few minutes, then cut crosswise.

My buddy Ron Fischer has posted a pictorial of the whole process at the Foods of the World forums. If youíre interested you can see it here

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